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Looking for electric or acoustic guitar lessons in Spokane? Guitar can be very hard to learn on your own. Are you frustrated with the Youtube tutorials you’ve been watching? Do you feel like you’re going nowhere and you don’t sound good? You’ve come to the right place! One-on-one training will guide you through the obstacles. I will help you to transition between chords smoothly, improve your posture to get rid of the strain in your wrists and shoulders. Whether you play acoustic or electric, bass guitar or ukulele you will soon be playing your favorite songs with ease!

If nothing else Covid-19 showed the world that the online learning environment is here to stay. Because of this roughly a third of my students typically choose to take lessons online rather than in person. One of the advantages to online lessons is you do have the ability to easily record the lessons to go back over and rewatch as often as you like should you get stuck during the week. One of the benefits to in person sessions is we hold regular recording projects where students learn to produce their own songs. Either route you go however, I’m sure you will enjoy your learning experience and grow in your knowledge of the guitar.

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My name is Joshua. I offer electric and acoustic guitar, bass, and ukulele lessons to students of all ages, because I know learning on your own is tough!

My experience, patience, and passion for helping musicians grow, have enabled me to teach students ages five and to eighty years.

I have taught over 1,400 students in the past seven years.

My mission is to transform people from the inside out through the power of music! I am proud to serve Spokane, WA and the Inland Northwest.

Frequently Asked Questions


In the event that a student must reschedule, at least 24 hours notice is needed. There is no guarantee of a reschedule the week of the lesson. If there is not ample notice, the student is expected to pay for that lesson. If I have to cancel a lesson the time will be credited towards another lesson.


Due to limited space, you may be prompted to apply for a waitlist to be considered for the next available spot.


I teach out of my home studio located within five minutes of the Spokane Valley Mall. When you arrive there will be plenty of street parking. I also offer in-home lessons with additional compensation for mileage and travel time, however, these spots are very limited. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!

Are guitars provided by teacher?

Teacher does not provide guitars for the student. Guitars must be purchased or rented by the student as being enrolled in lessons require daily practice. I have recommendations for good beginner guitars on my gear page.


Will I need to bring my amp to lessons?

Amplification is provided for you in studio.



I am parent/guardian. Can I take lessons with my child?

I do offer parent and child duo packages. Please fill out the registration form and detail that in the box to receive a quote!