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Are you looking to introduce your young children to music at a young age? The ukulele is a great place to start as it provides a fairly easy instrument for young ones to play, but it also introduces musical concepts that transfer to piano, guitar, violin and even percussion instruments as well! I offer ukulele lessons in Spokane, because I realize for some students jumping straight into guitar can be a challenge.

I take my ukulele down the same method students who take guitar learn. We learn notes, scales, chords, strumming patterns, picking patterns and arpeggios just like we would on guitar. My ukulele students also learn both music notation and tablature to make them well rounded musicians as they learn songs and progress. Ukulele is an extremely fun instrument and is great for students young and old!


In my lessons we use something called Guitar Pro. What is it?  Guitar Pro is a piece of software/app that allows us to solo out individual instruments while learning, slow down the song to a learning speed and gradually bump the speed as you grow and so much more. It is hugely powerful and I’ve seen it transform hundreds of my students practice routines. Watch this quick video introduction below.



Teaching the ukulele is my passion! I have worked with students of all ages. I love helping others grow. Not only do my students learn to play, but also to complement other instruments. Additionally, I help you sound like a full band when you’re alone by improvising. Whether you’re a beginner or are a seasoned musician, I can help you unlock greater potential. 


As your teacher, I can give you the tools you need to make you great. However, if you do not put in the effort, you will not improve. Therefore, I expect you to practice the exercises from lessons each and every day. Daily practice is the key to conditioning your fingers and mind to improve your skill. It is much better to practice a shorter time daily, than to practice for a long time once or twice a week. Thus, not only do I teach you, I keep you accountable.


Learning any instrument is hard work. Because of this is, ukulele lessons will teach you valuable life skills. Three of these important life skills are work ethictime management, and listening. These traits are valuable to any young student as it builds character. However, ukulele isn’t just for kids. Playing the ukulele will improve your memory and coordination and will sharpen your focus. Anyone in the business world or also in retirement trying to keep their mind active will find ukulele rewarding. Therefore, ukulele is for everyone!


Frequently Asked Questions


In the event that a student must reschedule, at least 24 hours notice is needed. There is no guarantee of a reschedule the week of the lesson. If there is not ample notice, the student is expected to pay for that lesson. If I have to cancel a lesson the time will be credited towards another lesson.


Due to limited space, you may be prompted to apply for a waitlist to be considered for the next available spot.


I teach out of my home studio located within five minutes of the Spokane Valley Mall. When you arrive there will be plenty of street parking. I also offer in-home lessons with additional compensation for mileage and travel time, however, these spots are very limited. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!

Are guitars provided by teacher?

Teacher does not provide guitars for the student. Guitars must be purchased or rented by the student as being enrolled in lessons require daily practice. I have recommendations for good beginner guitars on my gear page.


Will I need to bring my amp to lessons?

Amplification is provided for you in studio.



I am parent/guardian. Can I take lessons with my child?

I do offer parent and child duo packages. Please fill out the registration form and detail that in the box to receive a quote!

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