My journey with music began at a very young age. It started with drum lessons at three years old. Then piano lessons at eight years old and finally guitar at age ten.

Guitar became my love and passion and the vessel which I used to begin songwriting and learning to understand the music language. As a young guitar player I would practice hours each day without ever tiring, and would write music late into the night!

Over the years I have been blessed to play with numerous musicians, record in numerous studios, play countless stages and venues and share my love for music with others. I have produced seven albums of my own original music and also been blessed with the opportunity to produce or play on numerous albums, EPs and singles for artists based both locally and across the nation.

I now teach guitar full time and am incredibly passionate about not only helping my students improve and hone their skills but also to share in the love and wonder of music!

Joshua Krell with Eastman e20om and lateen audio Atlantis
joshua krell singer songwriter in spokane


I studied and earned a degree in Audio Engineering and Music Production in 2015. Following that that significant experience in work ranging from professional music production as a freelance producer an audio engineer. I had the chance to work in various home recording setups, and with local recording studios including, Amplified Wax, Crabwalk, Spokane Recording Studios, and Mortimore Productions to name just a few. My journey has taken me into commercial advertising, audiobook production for companies such as Penguin Random House and Audible. I have also done extensive live sound for both venues and churches. In 2023 I started teaching as a music instructor with the Oaks Conservatory at the Oaks Classical Christian Academy a classical private school serving grades k-12 in Spokane Valley. 

I also have had extensive experience leading bands of wide age demographics, in both secular and worship settings. I’ve produced or played on over 200 songs for songwriters and artists all over the country, Since 2015, I have taught over 1,500 students with ages ranging as young as five years and all the way up to 82.

I love teaching and currently teach lessons from my home recording studio based in Spokane Valley.


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I have been honored to have produced, mixed or played on hundreds of songs over the years. Here are some highlights.